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For more than ten years, our team at Vilsor d.o.o. Rijeka has been designing, selling and installing indoor fireplaces, as well as fireplace inserts, barbecues and ovens in the Primorsko-goranska County – Rijeka and Opatija, the islands of Krk and Rab, the rest of the Croatian Littoral, Istria, Gorski Kotar and Lika! With the help of our partners, we offer our services in other parts of Croatia, as well.

Modern fireplace

We find that fireplaces are not products that you buy at the shopping center. To make sure that you will be satisfied with the selected solution it is necessary to gain insight into the current offer on the market – we are more than familiar with it. We also recommend that a specialist visits the construction site to determine whether you have all the prerequisites needed for the installation of a fireplace.

The demand for fireplaces that have an aesthetic function in addition to heating is growing so the manufacturers offer a great number of solutions, trying to adapt to the needs of each individual investor. In stylistic terms, there are modern, classic and rustic fireplaces in which the coating is made from traditional materials such as stone, marble, granite, brick and wood, and increasingly from the built elements, ceramics, metal, glass, etc.

Rustic fireplace

Today fireplaces are rarely built on the location where they will be placed. The ordering process starts with the selection of the desired model according to the catalog, when the investor is presented with the samples of material from which the fireplace will be made. After selection, the elements of the fireplace are manufactured in a factory, transported to the construction site, where only final assembly is done. In this way, the installation of the fireplace in the already furnished living room, or in an apartment where people live, is possible. Installation typically takes 2-3 days. It is also very important that fireplace installation is performed by a professional who is trained in the job. Ask yourself whether you really want to entrust the installation of the device in which the fire burns and develops the temperature of several hundred degrees, as well as various by-products of combustion, to the person who is not an expert!

Indoor fireplaces as sources of heat in homes have become an interesting phenomenon with the appearance of cast iron inserts – so called fireboxes with a refractory glass door intended for installation in a fireplace. The atmosphere of watching the fire and the crackling of the wood remains virtually unchanged, but the restitution of smoke, consumption of large quantities of wood, sparks and dirt fall into oblivion with them.

Outdoor program

Cast iron fireboxes that use wood as fuel typically produce heat power from a nominal of 7-17 kW to a maximum of 25-30 kW and can optimally heat an area of 150-200 m3. It depends on the firebox models, which differ in size, weight (hence the power), number of doors, the way to open the door (laterally or by rising – guillotine system), performance (the natural flow of warm air or cooling fans)…

There are also fireboxes with water containers intended for connection to an existing or newly installed central heating system, which serve as the main or alternative source of thermal energy for water heating.

We also offer garden products. These solutions include barbecues and ovens with additional benches, a sink, an integrated fridge, etc.

As you can see, our offer is diverse. Our staff is fluent in English language so you can contact us without hesitation.

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